Posté 4 Mars 2016
Types of English

Types of English

продолжительность: 3:49
Posted on 4 Mars 2016
Meet Hugh! The first native conducting video lessons on Puzzle English. This video will focus on accents and their role in language learning. Hugh will also talk about several typical mistakes that he noticed his Russian students made.
Anglais avec Hugh
Mots recommandés
an accent - accent
to answer - répondre
be based on - se baser sur
boring - ennuyeux
confidence - confiance
to continue - continuer
to develop - développer
focus - foyer
to force - forcer
to happen - arriver
an individual - individu
to introduce - présenter
mate - mat
to meet - rencontrer
a mistake - erreur
a preposition - préposition
a psychologist - psychologue
skill - compétence
tell the difference - faire la différence
thankfully - heureusement
to throw - jeter
type - type
to understand - comprendre
variety - variété
wait a minute - attends une minute