Posté 6 June 2018
One day of a Roman legionnaire

One day of a Roman legionnaire

продолжительность: 4:33
Posted on 6 June 2018
Although emperors can take much credit for the power of the Roman Empire, its prosperity would not be possible without its loyal soldiers. Watch this video to find out what was an ordinary day of a Roman legionnaire like in 15 A.D.
Ted-Ed, Histoire
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along - le long de
ambush - embuscade
to consider - considérer
to crave - demander
credit - crédit
despite - malgré
to enlist - enrôler
to fall - tomber
to gamble - parier
glory - gloire
grueling - épuisant
headway - avancement
to intend - vouloir
keep alert - garder l'alerte
live something down - vivre quelque chose
a mutiny - mutinerie
a nightmare - cauchemar
a prospect - perspective
to prosper - prospérer
push on - pousser
to recall - rappeler
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sinister - sinistre
tension - tension
unlucky - malchanceux
a weapon - arme
wife-to-be - future femme