William Shakespeare’s Idioms
(part 19)

Posté 5 Mars 2017
Durée de la vidéo: 2 Mn. 15 s..
As you know, William Shakespeare enriched the English language, adding to it not only new words but also many new expressions. In this series of videos, you will learn some of the idioms that appeared in the language thanks to Shakespeare, and this time you will get to know the phrase "(as) dead as a doornail".
Mots recommandés
to bang - cogner
be on the run - être en fuite
broken - brisé
character - caractère
come out - sortir
danger - danger
dead as a doornail - raide mort
an enemy - ennemi
except - sauf
fear - peur
to fix - fixer
herb - herbe
to hide - cacher
to hit - frapper
in fact - en fait
perfect - parfait
to pray - prier
properly - correctement
proud - fier
a rebel - rebelle
a scene - scène
to threaten - menacer
weak - faible
well done - bien joué
whilst - tandis que