Posté 12 October 2018
Sexism and the English language

Sexism and the English language

продолжительность: 2:57
Posted on 12 October 2018
Sexism is rife in language. A woman may be described as “bossy”, while a man is more likely to be “assertive”. The Economist's language expert Lane Greene explores the gender stereotypes used in everyday speech.
Mots recommandés
an airhead - airhead
articulate - claire
assertive - assuré
to associate - associer
to avoid - éviter
based on - basé sur
bossy - autoritaire
bubbly - pétillant
a characteristic - caractéristique
common - commun
to convey - transmettre
to describe - décrire
to determine - déterminer
evocative - évocateur
feisty - fougueux
figurative - figuratif
to gossip - bavarder
in other words - en d'autres termes
language - langue
an offense - infraction
percent of the time - pour cent du temps
shade - ombre
a stereotype - stéréotype
that is why - c'est pourquoi
vivacious - vivace
work of fiction - oeuvre de fiction

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