Posté 13 Novembre 2018
Sesame Street: Anna Kendrick & Elmo — Absorb

Sesame Street: Anna Kendrick & Elmo — Absorb

продолжительность: 1:21
Posted on 13 Novembre 2018
Sesame Street is an international educational children's TV programme that has been aired since 1969. The word absorb means to take in or soak up. What kinds of things do you think will absorb water?
Mots recommandés
to absorb - absorber
to bring - apporter
find out - découvrir
fur - fourrure
here we go - On y va!
high five - tape m'en cinq
to investigate - enquêter
to mean - signifier
now - maintenant
show - montrer
soak up - absorber
a sponge - éponge
take in - prendre
a turn - tour
wet - humide
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