Posté 19 February 2017
Wearing slippers at school: new way to to improve grades

Wearing slippers at school: new way to to improve grades

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Posted on 19 February 2017
In one of the schools in the UK students are allowed to take classes in slippers. Studies show that it improves the atmosphere and the development of concentration. The results are so good that perhaps in the near future slippers will become part of the school uniform.
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activity - activité
to allow - permettre
apparently - apparemment
to base - fonder
be likely to - est susceptible de
to behave - se comporter
benefit - avantage
a bid - offre
bullying - brutaliser
calm - calme
change - changer
to choose - choisir
come in - entrer
compulsory - obligatoire
to cover - couvrir
environment - environnement
a fixture - fixation
a grade - qualité
to improve - améliorer
lunchtime - heures du déjeuner
make an impact - faire un impact
to notice - remarquer
an option - option
permanent - permanent
quietly - tranquillement
to reduce - réduire
sensibly - sensiblement
a slipper - pantoufle
to spot - repérer
straight - directement
a switch - commutateur