Sarah and Duck: Shallot
(part one)

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Posté 8 February 2015
Durée de la vidéo: 3 Mn. 11 s..
This English children's animated television series talks about the life of a seven-year old girl named Sarah and her friend, a real duck. In this episode, they found some seeds and decided to plant them to find out what is going to grow from them.
Mots recommandés
to approve - approuver
at least - au moins
be supposed to - être supposé de
carry on - exercer
come on - continuer de venir
dinner - dîner
to drop - tomber
to finish - terminer
to grow - grandir
to happen - arriver
living room - salle de séjour
muddy - boueux
newspaper - journal
Oh, dear - Oh cher
perhaps - peut-être que
to plant - planter
a seed - graine
to seem - sembler
take a while - prendre un certain temps
to wait - patienter