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Rural Olympics in India

Rural Olympics in India

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Posted on 2 Décembre 2015
In the small Indian village of Kila Raipur in the state of Punjab, the Rural Olympics are held. The participants here take part in bullock cart racing, tug of war, tractor racing and other weird competitions.
Mots recommandés
acrobatics - acrobaties
annually - annuellement
apparently - apparemment
to attempt - tenter
to attract - attirer
bizarre - bizarre
burly - de forte carrure
check out - quitter
a contest - concours
craziness - folie
a diaspora - diaspora
entertainment - divertissement
to enthrall - captiver
to entice - attirer
an event - événement
an extension - extension
feudal - féodal
for one - pour un
get set - se mettre
head over - tête haute
mental - mental
miss out - passer
to nurture - nourrir
an owner - propriétaire
predominantly - principalement
prime - premier
rural - rural
a warning - avertissement
weird - bizarre

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