Posté 21 Janvier 2013
Peppa Pig: Hide and Seek

Peppa Pig: Hide and Seek

продолжительность: 4:49
Posted on 21 Janvier 2013
Peppa Pig is a British animated television series.

This is a very funny cartoon which is going to be interesting not only to kids, but also to some adults. Intelligible dialogues and light-hearted plot make it quite easy and funny to work with this video.
Peppa Pig
Mots recommandés
a basket - panier
to count - compter
a curtain - rideau
to finish - terminer
hide-and-seek - cache-cache
just in time - juste à temps
newspaper - journal
noise - bruit
strange - étrange
a turn - tour
upstairs - en haut
to wonder - se demander

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