Posté 9 Mars 2017
Peppa Pig: Camping

Peppa Pig: Camping

продолжительность: 4:30
Posted on 9 Mars 2017
The Pig family goes camping, but when Daddy finally manages to set up the tent, it turns out that it is too small for everyone to fit in. Daddy has to sleep outside, and everything would be just fine if it wasn't for the bad weather. But Daddy Pig is a true pro at camping, so he is going to be perfectly fine... isn't he?
Peppa Pig
Mots recommandés
bedtime - heure du coucher
a campfire - feu de camp
to carry - porter
to collect - recueillir
easy as pie - c'est de la tarte
an expert - expert
to forget - oublier
further - plus
to grow - grandir
lovely - charmant
make a fire - mettre le feu
make into - faire en
to mean - signifier
to move - déplacer
nature - nature
never mind - ça ne fait rien
noise - bruit
of course - bien sûr
outside - dehors
an owl - hibou
a pole - pôle
rub together - se frotter
to rumble - gronder
to snore - ronfler
splendid - splendide
a stick - bâton
a tent - tente
worry - inquiéter