Tim Peake before returning to Earth

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Posté 22 Novembre 2016
Durée de la vidéo: 1 Mn. 27 s..
In June 2016, a British astronaut, Tim Peake, returned to Earth after having spent six months in space. Prior to the return he told what he missed most during the mission, and shared an interesting story which, according to himself, would remain in his memory forever.
Mots recommandés
at least - au moins
basically - fondamentalement
blissful - bienheureux
to cherish - chérir
darkness - obscurité
drizzle - bruine
to explore - explorer
eyesight - vue
fairly - équitablement
hang out - pendre
incredible - incroyable
to install - installer
lasting - durable
to miss - manquer
perhaps - peut-être que
quite - assez
a ray - rayon
to recover - récupérer
remarkable - remarquable
solar - solaire
tricky - difficile
vastness - immensité