Spider monkey

collections : Animaux, Nature
Posté 8 Novembre 2016
Durée de la vidéo: 1 Mn. 13 s..
A new guest settles in the Wild Animal Rescue Centre in Guatemala: it is an orphaned spider monkey. She is just starting to feed from a bottle, while Centre employees make sure that the animal evolves and feels comfortable.
Mots recommandés
a lot more - beaucoup plus
be used to - être habitué à
a bond - liaison
careful - prudent
constantly - constamment
a department - département
to develop - développer
to feed - nourrir
to gain - gagner
get attached - se joint
heartwarming - réconfortant
in the long run - à long terme
a mammal - mammifère
obviously - évidemment
quarantine - quarantaine
to release - libérer
to remain - rester
settle in - s'établir
teddy bear - ours en peluche
tread a fine line - fouler une ligne fine