Online dating and its influence on the society

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Posté 3 June 2018
Durée de la vidéo: 3 Mn. 28 s..
With the emergence of Tinder and Bumble apps (the former started in September, 2012, the latter — in December, 2014), it took only a few years for more than 20 billion acquiantances to be made. In this interview, the co-founder of Tinder and Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe, is going to tell about these apps and about why she thinks they displayed such a rapid growth. She will also share her predictions with us on what we might expect from online dating services in the near future.
Mots recommandés
to act - agir
benefit - avantage
common - commun
confident - confiant
to conquer - conquérir
crime - crime
despite - malgré
go hand in hand - aller de pair
impact - impact
lay claim to - prétendre à
lead - conduire
make the first move - faire le premier pas
a match - match
meet a need - satisfaire un besoin
minority group - groupe minoritaire
not in a hundred years - pas dans cent ans
online dating - rencontres en ligne
potential - potentiel
prolific - prolifique
to revolutionise - révolutionner
risky - risqué
single - unique
social network - réseau social
technology - technologie