Posté 5 June 2018
A Dog’s Tale
(New Headway)

A Dog’s Tale
(New Headway)

продолжительность: 5:18
Posted on 5 June 2018
Friends talk about the ghost of a dog that lives in their house. Of course, this is just a story, so everyone is having fun. But why does Matt look so tired the next morning?
New Headway
Mots recommandés
a load of - des masses de
accident - accident
be silly - stupide
a cottage - cottage
to destroy - détruire
to exist - exister
an explanation - explication
fancy - aimer
for some reason - pour certaines raisons
frightening - effrayant
funny - drôle
a ghost - fantôme
to happen - arriver
horror film - film d'horreur
if I were you - à ta place
to keep - garder
logical - logique
an owner - propriétaire
rubbish - ordures
run away - fuir
stupid - stupide
tired - fatigué
turn off - éteindre
to warn - avertir

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