Posté 26 June 2014
Muzzy In Gondoland
(part one)

Muzzy In Gondoland
(part one)

продолжительность: 6:18
Posted on 26 June 2014
"Muzzy in Gondoland" is an English as a second language course for children, created by the BBC. Basically, it is an animated film featuring educational insets that familiarise the viewers with the basics of English in a simple, unobtrusive manner.
Muzzy in Gondoland
Mots recommandés
a bag - sac
beautiful - beau
brave - brave
clever - intelligent
computer - ordinateur
fat - gras
a garden - jardin
a gardener - jardinier
good afternoon - bonne après-midi
good evening - Bonsoir
good morning - Bonjour
good night - bonne nuit
a grape - grain de raisin
hello - Bonjour!
how do you do - comment allez-vous
a king - roi
a map - carte
a motorbike - moto
a peach - pêche
a plum - prune
a princess - princesse
a queen - reine
strong - fort
thank you - Je vous remercie

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