Why is chewing so irritating?

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Posté 18 April 2017
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Does it ever happen to you that you get annoyed by quite ordinary sounds like chewing or breathing? For a long time, scientists could not find an explanation for this, but now they have succeeded in proving the existence of misophonia - a state in which people do not just dislike some sounds, but literally go crazy over them.
Mots recommandés
an abnormality - anomalie
to cause - causer
to characterize - caractériser
to chew - mâcher
condition - condition
to discover - découvrir
disorder - trouble
drive someone mad - conduire quelqu'un fou
eat out - aller au restaurant
an emotion - émotion
fault - faute
for years - pendant des années
genuine - véritable
go into overdrive - aller en overdrive
in fact - en fait
in response to - en réponse à
increased - augmenté
lead to - mener à
negative - négatif
notice - remarquer
perspiration - transpiration
process - traiter
punch - frapper
a researcher - chercheur
sadly - tristement
a scientist - scientifique
to slurp - boire à grand bruit
a trigger - gâchette