What if everyone was attracted to you?

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Posté 29 August 2017
Durée de la vidéo: 2 Mn. 43 s..
WHAT IF is an app that asks questions suggesting some hypothetical situations, and you need to either say yes, or say no. There is only one problem: each situation has a stipulation that may make you change your decision radically. How would you answer these questions?
Mots recommandés
ability - capacité
to attract - attirer
condition - condition
definitely - certainement
depend on - dépendre de
figure out - savoir
for the first time - pour la première fois
for the rest of someone's life - pour le reste de la vie de quelqu'un
how is it going? - Comment ça va?
in line with - en ligne avec
it's not that big of a deal - Ce n'est pas si grave
look to - regarder à
a supervillain - supervillain
to take - prendre
term - terme
a toss-up - coup de pile