Dramatic stream of molten lava of Kilauea volcano

collections : Nature
Posté 7 February 2017
Durée de la vidéo: 1 Mn. 1 s..
Kilauea (translated from Hawaiian as “spewing, much spreading”) is an active shield volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. Most of the Kilauea volcano is part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park .
Kilauea erupts over the past 30 years at times, but in recent years, eruptions have become particularly frequent. In this video, you will see a stream of lava flowing into the ocean and making the water boil.
Mots recommandés
careful - prudent
a chunk - gros morceau
to collapse - effondrer
come from - venir de
debris - débris
dramatic - dramatique
explosion - explosion
to expose - exposer
fire hose - tuyau de pompe à incendie
to form - former
huge - énorme
impressive - impressionnant
inland - dans les terres
molten - fondu
prove to be - se révéler être
quite the - tout à fait le
rock - rock
show signs of - montrer des signes de
slow down - ralentir
a spectacle - spectacle
to spout - débiter
a stream - courant
to throw - jeter
to trigger - déclencher