Posté 29 February 2016
How to boost your immune system?

How to boost your immune system?

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Posted on 29 February 2016
Canadian scientists discovered an unusual method of boosting one's immune system.
Corps humain
Mots recommandés
at gunpoint - au bout du fusil
to avoid - éviter
beef up - renforcer
beyond the obvious - au-delà de l'évidence
to cough - tousser
to discover - découvrir
disease - maladie
fight off - repousser
go into overdrive - aller en overdrive
good for health - bon pour la santé
illness - maladie
increase - augmentation
to measure - mesurer
negligible - négligeable
not really - pas vraiment
on the other hand - en revanche
opportunity - occasion
a participant - participant
protein - protéine
response - réponse
sick - malade
to sneeze - éternuer
a standpoint - point de vue
suggest that - suggère que
to trigger - déclencher
a victim - victime
waiting room - salle d'attente

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