Amazing hummingbirds

collections : Birds
Posté 19 Mai 2015
Durée de la vidéo: 1 Mn.
This video shows how the study of the flight of a hummingbird can help in the creation of unmanned aircraft resistant to wind blows.
Mots recommandés
adjustment - ajustement
a beat - battement
catch up - rattraper
to compare - comparer
constant - constant
to cope - faire face
a drone - drone
fan out - s'étaler
find out - découvrir
gusty - venteux
to handle - manipuler
have in mind - réfléchir
to hover - flotter
a hummingbird - colibri
independently - indépendamment
no surprise - pas de surprise
steady wind - vent constant
a tail - queue
wind - vent
wind tunnel - soufflerie
a wing - aile