Learning grammar without rules
(part 2)

collections : Anglais avec Seal
Posté 18 October 2013
Durée de la vidéo: 4 Mn. 46 s..
A video in which Seal tells how to learn vocabulary properly. He intentionally speaks very slowly and clearly, so that his speech would be comprehensible even for beginners.
Mots recommandés
basic - de base
catch on - prendre
catch up - rattraper
communication - communication
to decide - décider
to describe - décrire
an exception - exception
to explain - expliquer
fall out - se brouiller
a fashion - mode
future - avenir
hard - dur
natural - naturel
to read - lire
rule - règle
sometimes - parfois
to stop - arrêter
truth - vérité
understands - comprendre