Fox dives headfirst into snow

collections : Animaux, Nature
Posté 3 Décembre 2017
Durée de la vidéo: 2 Mn. 37 s..
Winters in the north of the U.S. can be almost as snowy as in Russia. Foxes dwelling in the Black Hills mountain range in South Dakota exhibit some amazing abilities in searching for food in the cold time of the year. Enjoy this entertaining video and don't forget to learn some new English expressions!
Mots recommandés
a blanket - couverture
to calculate - calculer
catch - capture
complete - complet
to cover - couvrir
a critter - critter
distraction - distraction
empty-handed - les mains vides
enormous - énorme
to hit - frapper
home in on - maison dans le
hopeless - sans espoir
immense - immense
a leap - saut
a missile - missile
nearly - près de
odds - chances
pick up - ramasser
skill - compétence
a target - cible
throw off - se déborder
a trajectory - trajectoire
unbelievable - incroyable
unless - à moins que