Posté 17 Mai 2017
History of English language
(part two)

History of English language
(part two)

продолжительность: 2:35
Posted on 17 Mai 2017
When we talk about English, we don't normally think of its origins considering it a stand-alone language. But in fact, English has a lot in common with other languages of the world. This video is going to explain the changes that have been happening to English for centuries and how the language has evolved along with its native speakers.
Part one
Mots recommandés
a bit - un peu
amazing - incroyable
ancient - ancien
common - commun
a counterpart - homologue
to descend - descendre
to develop - développer
direct - direct
distant - loin
evidence - preuve
further - plus
historical - historique
to include - inclure
to keep - garder
major - majeur
modern-day - moderne
nearly - près de
possible - possible
a relative - relatif
to remain - rester
to require - exiger
a shift - décalage
a step - étape
unfortunately - malheureusement