Posté 4 Juillet 2017
Emoji news with James Corden

Emoji news with James Corden

продолжительность: 2:19
Posted on 4 Juillet 2017
The Late Late Show with James Corden is an American late-night TV show on the CBS channel. It is hosted by the British actor, TV host, screenwriter and producer James Corden.
Emoji news is a section in which James demonstrates news headlines presented in emoji form, and asks the viewers to guess the meaning.
Mots recommandés
a bit - un peu
a little bit - un petit peu
a lot - beaucoup
according to - selon
allegedly - à ce que l'on prétend
a checkout - caisse
come forth - avancer
defence - défense
depressed - déprimé
a divider - cloison
an eggplant - aubergine
an emoji - emoji
familiar - familier
get out - Sortez
go-to - aller à
grocery store - épicerie
have a look - regarde
have a seat - asseyez-vous
hither - ici
to place - placer
a report - rapport
take a turn - faire un tour
user - utilisateur
whereabouts - où

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