Posté 22 Juillet 2017
The Curator of Death

The Curator of Death

продолжительность: 1:36
Posted on 22 Juillet 2017
Love studying skeletons? Not afraid of dead things? Welcome to the Museum of Pathology! Since all the people eventually die, it may not be so scary then... right?
Great Big Story
Mots recommandés
anatomy - anatomie
certain - certain
to choose - choisir
a collector - collectionneur
cute - mignon
to discover - découvrir
to divide - diviser
divide up - diviser
to draw - dessiner
exhibition - exposition
familiar with - familier avec
to fascinate - fasciner
a founder - fondateur
horrific - horrible
a horror - horreur
to imagine - imaginer
a jar - pot
natural - naturel
to preserve - préserver
private - privé
separate - séparé
skin - peau
to suggest - suggérer
temporary - temporaire

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