Posté 17 Mars 2011
How to Make a Cross Stitch Pattern from a Photo

How to Make a Cross Stitch Pattern from a Photo

продолжительность: 1:12
Posted on 17 Mars 2011
Perhaps this is the most interesting video from the entire of videos about cross-stitching. You will learn that the scheme for embroidery can be made of almost any of your photos. And we guess, you will agree that cross-stitching your favorite picture is much more interesting!
Mots recommandés
to add - ajouter
basics - bases
to change - changer
cross stitching - le point de croix
to design - concevoir
to discuss - discuter
to draw - dessiner
to embellish - embellir
to follow - suivre
grid paper - papier quadrillé
an option - option
a pattern - motif
preprinted - pré-imprimé
a section - section
a segment - segment
to stitch - coudre
take choice - prendre le choix
wide - large

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