How to Design a Cross Stitch Pattern

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Posté 25 Novembre 2010
Durée de la vidéo: 1 Mn. 44 s..
Vicki talks about how to make a pattern for embroidery using grid paper, if you have a picture with a sample. Of course, by this method you can make only a very simple scheme, but for this you do not need a computer and you can teach this method even your grandmother!
Mots recommandés
a circle - cercle
come through - sortir
cross stitching - le point de croix
to draw - dessiner
a drawing - dessin
to fill - garniture
grid paper - papier quadrillé
an outline - contour
a pane - vitre
a pattern - motif
possibly - peut-être
a segment - segment
a source - source
a stitch - point
a straight - droit
to trace - tracer