What is London like at Christmas?

Posté 23 Décembre 2017
Durée de la vidéo: 3 Mn. 15 s..
Lucy is an English teacher from the United Kingdom. And also she is just a cheerful, beautiful girl. But today Lucy is not going to either talk about grammar rules or explain some interesting vocabulary. Today she is going to show you what London looks like during the Christmas season, and also will tell you what she likes doing in this period. And how do you spend your pre-holiday time?
Mots recommandés
all year round - toute l'année
amazing - incroyable
atmosphere - atmosphère
busy - occupé
come along - suivre
to compete - rivaliser
crazy - fou
to forget - oublier
to gather - recueillir
a gift - cadeau
have something to offer - avoir quelque chose à offrir
to head - se diriger
impressive - impressionnant
inspiration - inspiration
loved one - un bien aimé
lovely - charmant
luxury - de luxe
a market - marché
a performer - interprète
to spend - passer
a spot - place
take a step back - faire un pas en arrière
to visit - visiter
window shopping - lèche-vitrine