How to Choose a Cross Stitch Pattern

collections : Needlework, Master classes
Posté 20 Mars 2011
Durée de la vidéo: 1 Mn. 19 s..
We continue a series of short videos about cross stitching. Vika Pavon tells how to choose the right pattern for embroidering, so that you wouldn't waste the bought threads in vain.
Mots recommandés
a beginner - débutant
blank - blanc
to count - compter
a cross - traverser
to decide - décider
to depend - dépendre
to determine - déterminer
an edge - bord
fabric - tissu
to follow - suivre
have to - avoir à
a kit - trousse
a needle - aiguille
a pattern - motif
a stitching - piqûre
a thread - fil