Posté 14 Mars 2017
Channing Tatum’s biggest fear

Channing Tatum’s biggest fear

продолжительность: 1:59
опубликовано 14 Mars 2017
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (often shortened to Ellen) is an American television talk show, that first appeared on television in 2003. Hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres, the show became incredibly popular almost from the start. For her programmes, Ellen invites celebrities, such as actors, singers and sportsmen. The programme features a lot of jokes, pranks and various games that the guests are offered to play. Ellen is particularly known for her habit of scaring her guests. In this fragment, you are going to find out what Channing Tatum fears most.
Mots recommandés
afraid - désolé
at all - du tout
body language - le langage du corps
brain - cerveau
to combine - combiner
come on - continuer de venir
to conquer - conquérir
entire - tout
fear - peur
freaky - bizarre
to happen - arriver
huge - énorme
I mean - je veux dire
to imagine - imaginer
literally - littéralement
a movie - film
porcelain - porcelaine
possessed - possédé
to ruin - ruiner
scared - effrayé
super - formidable
terrified - terrifier
to turn - tourner
TV show - émission de télévision
way too - beaucoup trop