Posté 2 Mars 2017
Before the Flood

Before the Flood

продолжительность: 1:28
Posted on 2 Mars 2017
Before the Flood is a National Geographic and Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary. The film talks about how climate change affects the environment and what public can do to prevent the endangered species from going extinct and stop ecosystems from collapsing. Throughout the film length, Leonardo DiCaprio explores the problem of global warming, trying to find the solution. Together with him, you will know what we can do in order to prevent destruction of our planet and life on it.
Mots recommandés
blackened - noircir
climate change - changement climatique
collectively - collectivement
to consume - consommer
control - contrôler
depiction - représentation
ending - fin
to figure - figurer
get involved - être impliqué dans
to haunt - hanter
human kind - humanité
in time - à propos
to leave - laisser
mess - mess
no longer - pas plus
obvious - évident
a panel - panneau
to pretend - prétendre
pretty - assez
real life - vrai vie
to ruin - ruiner
a script - scénario
the only thing - la seule chose
unspoiled - intact
vote - vote
way out - sortie

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