Band on the Run
(New Headway)

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Posté 9 Septembre 2018
Durée de la vidéo: 8 Mn. 28 s..
In the new episode of "New Headway" series Matt is dealing with the consequences of having signed the contract without properly checking its content while the girls, Ali and Jane, are trying to figure out who have sent them the mysterious flowers.
Mots recommandés
at least - au moins
be in trouble - être en difficulté
brilliant - brillant
draw up - dresser
face to face - face à face
fall off - plonger
favourable - favorable
get behind - se laisser distancer
get caught - se faire prendre
go on - continuer
have a word - avoir un mot
make changes - faire des changements
pay back - rembourser
pick up - ramasser
rent - loyer
to represent - représenter
turn up - arriver
unpleasantness - caractère désagréable
what the hell - que se passe-t-il