Posté 28 Mai 2016
Marty Meets his Father
(Back to the Future)

Marty Meets his Father
(Back to the Future)

продолжительность: 3:57
Posted on 28 Mai 2016
"Back to the Future" is a fantastic film about time travel, describing the alternative realities of the small American town, Hill Valley. The first film was released in 1985 in the cinemas of the United States and Canada.
Back to the Future
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actually - en fait
to bring - apporter
clean up - profit
to figure - figurer
gullible - crédule
hand in - donner
handwriting - écriture
to happen - arriver
kick out - ruer
life preserver - ceinture de sauvetage
a mayor - maire
one day - un jour
to order - commander
a pal - copain
powerful - puissant
push around - pousser de-ci de-là
to realize - réaliser
respect - respect
run for - courir pour
a shoe - chaussure
sleep in - faire la grasse matinée
slop house - maison en pente
to spend - passer
stand tall - se tenir droit
to sweep - balayer
a tab - languette
to untie - délier
wait and see - attentisme
walk over - victoire facile

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