Arnold: What If You Fly Into Space Inside Car

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Posté 25 April 2019
Durée de la vidéo: 2 Mn. 12 s..
Meet Arnold. In each episode, he becomes a subject of a science experiment intended to illustrate a certain physical effect. Arnold seems to get into trouble at the drop of a hat. This time, he somehow ended up in a Tesla tied to a Falcon 9 rocket. Now he will learn about all the perks of the destiny of an astronaut overboard firsthand.
Mots recommandés
blurred - flou
cheer up - agrémenter
circulation - circulation
collision - collision
a countdown - compte à rebours
damaged - endommager
a diaper - couche
to dispose - disposer
end up - échouer
to evaporate - évaporer
gravity - pesanteur
lose consciousness - perdre conscience
navigation - navigation
snot - morve
a spacesuit - scaphandre
a spacewalk - sortie dans l'espace
sweat - sueur
to swell - grossir
tissue - tissu
a trajectory - trajectoire
vision - vision